Ferguson broke, needs court-appointed lawyer for extortion case

The latest in the Rasputin of Detroit news stories…

The plights of Bobby Ferguson and Kwame Kilpatrick are so intertwined that it only made sense that this would happen [The Detroit News]:

Indicted contractor Bobby Ferguson’s construction company is broke and needs a taxpayer-funded lawyer, according to federal court records.

The company, headed by ex-Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick’s close friend, is broke because the FBI seized so much money and equipment during a series of raids that it can’t afford to pay its current lawyer, who wants off a high-profile bid-rigging case set for trial next month.

You’ll recall that Kwame asked for a court-appointed attorney for his yet-to-be-tried fraud case. (To be fair, by the time these charges came around in 2010, Kwame had been hit with a sizeable restitution requirement for his actions in the Gary Brown case. To be honest, his attempts to show he’s poor as he lives in mansions is both laughable and insulting to the citizens whose tax money he used to try to hide his actions.) Now Ferguson is claiming the same, despite his company receiving $170 million in city contracts since 2002. He’s been charged with raking in $58.5 million through extortion and other illegal activity.


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