Judge James found guilty

The Detroit Free Press is reporting that 22nd District Court Chief Judge Sylvia James has been found guilty of misusing public funds.

Retired Washtenaw County Judge Ann Mattson was appointed special master over the case. She ruled that James had “demonstrated ‘a lack of respect for the law’ by lying to the commission and misappropriating funds,” according to the Freep.


2 thoughts on “Judge James found guilty

  1. Judge James is the chief judge of the 22nd Judicial District Court, not Circuit. Moreover, Judge James was not found guilty of anything. Rather, the Master concluded as a matter of law that Judge James is is responsible for violating certain court rules and that the Examiner proved substantive counts in the complaint.

    The reporting is ironically bereft of the detail and precision usually associated with the practice of law.

  2. Thanks, Mr. Moore, for pointing out the District/Circuit. The Free Press story we linked to is obviously more detailed than the very short blog post. They’ve done an excellent job of covering this story since the beginning.

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