After a dozen years in Lansing, Bishop returns to law practice

This Monday, Clark Hill PLC will have a fairly well-known expert in public policy, business law and government relations joining its member roster.

He’s former Senate Majority Leader Mike Bishop, who comes off a 12-year stint in the Legislature.

“I always knew that I was going to go back to the private sector, and I love the practice of law,” Bishop told Crain’s Detroit Business. “I’ve always enjoyed the profession and the challenge of the profession, so this was really my ideal place to return.”

Bishop added that in leaving the Legislature, he takes with him “a really genuine understanding of public policy — what goes into it, what the considerations are, how to get things done,” and that will bring a “unique perspective” to Clark Hill and clients.

He will be working out of the Birmingham office of Clark Hill, the firm that ranked No. 7 in Michigan Lawyers Weekly’s 2010 “Michigan’s Largest Law Firms” list.

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Sorry, you still can’t order ‘Pistols at dawn!’

In a blow for those who yearn for the long-fabled methods of settling a score or snagging a wife, The Associated Press reports:

[T]he Michigan Senate approved a bill that would eliminate classifying dueling as a crime in the state.

Other bills would get rid of crime classifications for prizefighting and taking a woman against her will and forcing her to marry.

Lawmakers say those laws aren’t needed anymore. Newer laws continue to make it a crime to kidnap, kill or hurt someone.

Somewhere, two obsessive fans of Aaron Burr and Alexander Hamilton were mentally polishing up their pistols after reading the lead on this story — then giving a dejected sigh as they made their way to the end of it. Same goes for those who, for years, hoped the Snidely Whiplash School of Matrimony could open its doors again.