Kilpatrick family can be questioned

The Detroit Free Press reports this morning that attorney Norman Yatooma can question former Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick’s wife and father.

Yatooma represents the family of Tamara Greene, a dancer who was murdered in 2003, months after allegedly dancing at a fabled party in 2002 at the mayoral residence. The family claims the city botched the investigation of her death.

The story just gets stranger

Those who have been watching as Birmingham attorney Norman Yatoomah continues on his quest to prove that the Detroit Police Department botched the investigation of the murder of Tamara Greene, the story just continues to climb the weirdness scale.

He’s got a witness, the first to say under oath, that a fabled party (where Greene is said to have danced) at the Manoogian Mansion not only occurred, but that the guest list was impressive, and he even saw Attorney General Mike Cox get a lap dance. But the witness, Wilson Kay Jr.,  it turns out, has not always been the most upstanding guy, and has a criminal record which casts doubt on his credibility.

The Free Press reports here.

Freep lawyer to Judge: Unseal the depositions

The Detroit Free Press is reporting that its lawyer, Herschel Fink, filed a motion this week asking Chief U.S. District Judge Gerald Rosen to unseal some depositions in a lawsuit against the city of Detroit by the family of Tamara Greene, who was murdered in 2003. Her family claims that the city thwarted the investigation of the murder.

Among the depositions is that of state Attorney General Mike Cox; Fink said there is “no constitutional support for the court appointing itself as the gatekeeper for what the public should, and should not, know about what occurs in the people’s courts …”