Teabaggers ‘take aim’ at Census

The Teabaggers are “takin’ aim” at a new target: the Census. [The Detroit News].

With 10 questions, it’s one of the shortest U.S. census forms in history. But Joan Fabiano thinks it’s not short enough, saying the government is entitled to ask only one question: How many people live at a residence?

Across Michigan, people are flexing their political muscle by picking and choosing which questions they complete for the U.S. census, which was mailed to homes March 15.

"There are people who are only going to fill out what is required by the Constitution," said Fabiano, a Holt resident and organizer of Grassroots in Michigan, which seeks to promote individual liberty and limited government. "It’s a privacy issue and the federal government does not need to know anything they don’t have a right to."

On one hand, it’s kinda ingenious. They (supposedly) hate governmental spending. Any sabotage of the U.S. Census would ultimately result in less governmental spending. Somehow I doubt this is about more than civil obedience for the sake of it.