MSC gives parties in Grand Traverse Prosecutor v. Meijer, Dickinson Wright 35 days to file briefs

The Michigan Supreme Court has given parties in In re Investigative Subpoenas, Grand Traverse County Prosecutor v. Meijer Inc. and Dickinson Wright Employees 35 days to file brief amicus curiae.

The court directed the parties to address the effect, if there is any, of the  U.S. Supreme Court’s January decision in Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission. In Citizens United, court overturned the 20-year-old Austin v. Michigan Chamber of Commerce , 494 U.S. 652 (1990). It also threw a wrench into to a case in Northwest Michigan, Grand Traverse Prosecutor v. Meijer Inc.

In that case, Grand Traverse Prosecutor Alan Schneider got the go-ahead in November to pursue a felony investigation of the campaign finance violations, when the Michigan Court of Appeals stated that a lower court had improperly dismissed an action by Schneider to compel Meijer Inc. and Dickinson Wright to comply with investigative subpoenas related to violations of MCL 169.254, which prohibits corporations from making election campaign contributions.