Down and out in Motown: Gambler’s suit against casino comes up snake eyes

Wayne County Circuit Court Judge Michael Sapala has dealt a busted straight to a Macomb County gambler trying to recoup his losses with a lawsuit against MotorCity Casino.

“This morning, … Sapala denied a motion by [Italo] Parise to order the Detroit casino to repay him $673,854 in gambling losses,” reports The Detroit News.

Sapala said the 1961 law cited by Parise’s lawyer allows people to collect their gambling losses only in cases of illegal gambling.

“This is a very easy, simple and straightforward decision: It is the public policy of the state — whether you agree with it or not — that casino gambling is legal,” Sapala told attorney Frank Cusumano Jr. in court Friday.

Attorney Deborah Brower, who represents the casino, is asking the judge to impose sanctions on Cusumano for filing what she calls a “frivolous” case.

Cusumano is considering an appeal.

Parise racked up his losses at MotorCity over the last 10 years.

Attorney says state law requires casino to return gambler’s losses

Who says you can eat your cake and have it, too?

Attorney Frank A. Cusumano, that’s who.

Cusumano has sued MotorCity Casino on behalf of a client, Italo Mario Parise, who has lost more than $600,000 over the last 10 years at the casino’s slot machines, card games and gaming tables, according to a report in The Detroit News.

According to Cusumano, a little-known state law still on the books, MCL 600.2939, requires the casino to give Parise back the money he lost.

Cusumano, who says the suit is the first of its kind in Michigan, chatted with WJR’s Paul W. Smith yesterday morning about Parise’s claim. Audio from WJR available here.

Cusumano’s Web site now features a page proclaiming “Sue The Casinos And Recover Your Losses – No Fee Unless You Recover.” The page includes a copy of the pleadings filed in Parise’s case.