Attorney says Saginaw County can’t make road commission spare trees

Woodman, spare that tree!
Touch not a single bough!
In youth it sheltered me,
And I’ll protect it now.
‘Twas my forefather’s hand
That placed it near his cot:
There, woodman, let it stand,
Thy axe shall harm it not!

– George Pope Morris, 1830

The Saginaw News reports that Andre Borrello, an attorney for Saginaw County, has opined that county leaders have no authority to tell the Saginaw County Road Commission what trees it cuts down.

The agency is in a legal scuffle with Swan Creek Township resident Patricia T. Flora, who has filed an injunction against the Road Commission to prevent it from chopping down 44 trees in front of her house on Van Wormer, including eight century-old maples.

The commission wants the trees removed for a drainage and road project. Circuit Judge Janet M. Boes will decide whether to extend the restraining order Oct. 23.