HELP WANTED: Chief executive, must be miracle worker

With an unemployment rate of around 15 percent, you’d think that no job opening in Michigan would go unanswered.

But there’s one high profile job that will be available at the end of the year that no one seems to want to apply for: Democratic candidate for Governor of Michigan.

First Lt. Gov. John Cherry was forced to bow out of a race of which he was the front-runner because he couldn’t raise any money.

Next, former Detroit mayor and prominent attorney Dennis Archer declared that he wasn’t interested.

Gary Peters and Debbie Stabenow have both said that they won’t run.  (It’s in there. Trust me.)

Now, Wayne County Executive Robert Ficano said he’s not running either.

While House Speaker Andy Dillon (D-Redford) seems like a logical candidate that is well-known statewide, but his popularity among the party rank-and-file is questionable in light of his support of consolidating the benefit plans of all state employees. Plus, he’s only just formed a committee to raise money for a potential bid. What if he runs into the same problem that Cherry did?

It’s getting so strange that some of the names being bandied about as great candidates either have no public affairs experience  (Denise Ilitch) or just don’t make sense (Joe Dumars).

Surely, someone will take the plunge. Mike Cox is the only Republican to win a statewide election since 1998. [UPDATE: An astute commenter reminded me that Terri Lynn Land also won two elections as Secretary of State as a Republican. Thanks for reminding me.] (Judicial elections don’t count as they technically aren’t affiliated with parties). The task of following up Governor Granholm can’t be that daunting, can it?

(On second thought, don’t answer that.)

Wednesday political and (loosely-related) legal links

Republican gubernatorial candidate Rick Snyder the latest to propose dumping the Michigan Business Tax for a 6 percent flat business tax. [MLive]

The Detroit Free Press assesses the field for the Democratic nomination. A name missing from the list that was mentioned this morning by Tim Skubick on WJBK is Joe Dumars, which will happen the same day I ride a purple unicorn. 

Former Lion and Spartan Charles Rogers is in trouble again. [WJBK]

Some school superintendents are wary of the consequences of Michigan trying to get “Race to the Top” educational funds from the federal government. [The News Herald] Apparently, they are concerned that they may actually have to meet standards in doing their jobs.