Judge mulls release of Ambassador Bridge safety report

Rep. John Dingell thinks the public should see the maintenance report of the privately owned Ambassador Bridge, putting him at odds with the bridge’s owners, reports The Detroit News.

But Dingell is withholding release of the 2007 report he received last week pending a ruling by U.S. District Court Judge Patrick J. Duggan.

From The News:

The Detroit International Bridge Co., which owns the bridge that is the busiest international crossing between the United States and Canada, filed a lawsuit Sept. 25 to prevent the release of the report, citing security and proprietary business reasons. …

Dan Stamper, president of the DIBC, said Friday he’s open to releasing a shorter safety report for the public in the next two weeks if his attorneys don’t see any liability concerns.

“The bottom line is the bridge is safe,” Stamper said. “We do a thorough, annual inspection of the bridge. In fact, our inspection is so thorough that that is why we are concerned about it being released.

“It has information on the vulnerabilities of the bridge structure that could be used by terrorists to figure out where the best place to attack the bridge would be.”