Ciungan named chief judge of downriver district court

Judge Michael Ciungan will be the chief judge of the 25th District Court (Lincoln Park) and 26th District Court (Ecorse and River Rouge) through March 31, 2012, under an order issued yesterday by the Michigan Supreme Court.

And beginning April 1, 2012, he’ll preside as chief judge of the 25th District Court through December 31, 2013.

Why the two-week dual appointment? At the end of the month, the 26th District Court will close its doors.

It’s all part of a court consolidation plan, 2011 PA 300, signed into law late last year by Gov. Rick Snyder.

Ciungan currently serves as the only judge of the 26th District. As of April 1, the 26th District will be consolidated with the 25th District. Ciungan’s colleagues on the the newly consolidated 25th District Court will be the current 25th District judges, David Bajorek and David Zelenak.

Ciungan, 60, has served as a district court judge for 26 years.