New steak gets patent world salivating

You’ve probably heard about the new cut of red meat called Vegas Strip Steak™. Thus far it’s only available at a limited number of high-end restaurants.

And while the meat itself can be considered common — it comes from the area of the cow that produces beef for burgers — the three entrepreneurs behind the Vegas Strip claim the cut is, according to, “so earth-shatteringly original that they will be filing a patent for their knife strokes.”

Of course, the cow itself can’t be patented — unless it’s “genetically engineered for science” — but the technique for getting the cut from it can:

“According to law professor Chris Buccafusco of the Illinois Institute of Technology, butchers could make the argument that they innovate much like genetics researchers, who earn patents for the ways they isolate genes.”

And, it turns out, the archives at the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office house dozens of meat-production processes.

The article can be found here. If it doesn’t pique your interest in terms of learning more about food patent law, at the very least it’s a nice pre-lunch read.

‘Big Law model … is rife with upheaval’

They want “more autonomy, less bureaucracy, and a better quality of life.” But in Jill Priluck’s interesting perspective on why big firm partners are hanging their own shingles, there’s more to it than just being able to do things their way. Check out for more.

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Our founding tweeters

What if Thomas Jefferson used an iPhone instead?

In honor of Independence Day, is running a contest: Reduce the Declaration of Independence to a single tweet.

The best of the best will be published this weekend. Among the entries so far:

Don’t need kings. Life, Liberty, the Pursuit of happiness are easier when everyone has the same rights. Bye-bye, Britain.

Everyone is equal in every way. No one has the right to make other people suffer. We are united in this belief.

This isn’t working. I tried to dump you in Boston, but you weren’t listening. You don’t make me happy. Please don’t be mad.

#TinyDeclaration. King’s a jerk. Let’s spinoff. Don’t worry about the slavery thing; it’ll take care of itself.

@kinggeorge3 no more top-down mgmt from U. we 13 will pursue happiness with own govt. U messed with our TEA.

KG3: You suck. Whole bunch of reasons. Shoulda seen it coming. We’re done (Sorry). Later. Peeps of Congress.