DMBA pans three incumbents in 2012 judicial ratings

The Detroit Metropolitan Bar Association has ranked three incumbent judges seeking re-election or higher office  as “not qualified” in the DMBA’s judicial ratings for the Aug. 7 election.

The DMBA gave a “thumbs down” to:

Wayne County Circuit Judge Richard Halloran Jr. The Michigan Supreme Court has disciplined Halloran twice since 2002.  In In re Halloran, 466 Mich. 1219 (2002), Halloran consented to a public censure by the MSC and a 90-day suspension without pay. Halloran admitted or did not contest findings by the Michigan Judicial Tenure Commission concerning an incident in a public restroom with an undercover officer.

In In re Halloran, 486 Mich. 1054 (2010), Halloran agreed to a public censure and a 14-day suspension without pay, Halloran dismissed 30 family law cases, which he failed to timely adjudicate, to avoid an administrative reporting requirement that would have revealed he missed deadlines to complete the cases.

Inkster District Court Judge Sylvia James. The Michigan Supreme Court recently heard charges issued by the Judicial Tenure Commission against James. The JTC has alleged James misused funds from the court’s Community Service Program account and made misrepresentations to the JTC and the special master appointed to conduct an administrative hearing on the matter.

Update Aug. 1, 2012: The Michigan Supreme Court issued an opinion on July 31, in which James was removed from the bench. See In re James.

Dearborn District Judge Mark Somers. Sommers was hit with two jury awards last year totaling more than $1 million in favor of female court workers. The juries agreed that in one case, Somers wrongfully eliminated her position and in another, wrongfully discharged her.

The DMBA’s complete rankings are available here.