Eastern District bankruptcy judges: How are we doing?

How are the six judges of the Bankruptcy Court for the Eastern District of Michigan performing on the bench?

They’d like to know and have asked the Federal Judicial Center (FJC) to help them find out.

Beginning today and through the end of May, bankruptcy attorneys in the Eastern District will receive emailed surveys about the judges or judges they’ve practiced before.

For each survey, research staff at the FJC will compile and analyze the survey responses, and will provide each judge a report, including a statistical summary and a compilation of the comments that are received. FJC staff will not provide the judges with the identity of people who responded, if that information becomes known to them. The results are exclusively for the judge’s use in improving his or her performance; they will not be provided to anyone other than the judge and will not be used in either the reappointment or recall process.

Here’s more information about the survey process.

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